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StudioPress Parallax Pro WordPress Theme

By on Feb 10, 2017

StudioPress has named their Parallax Pro WordPress Theme the StudioPress Theme of the Month. Parallax Pro is a clean, simple design with several built-in page layouts, multiple column pages and a landing page template built right in. StudioPress says, “The new rol read more

Abandoned by Your Web Developer?

By on Dec 27, 2016

Have you been abandoned by your web developer? With the ease of creating websites using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, this problem seems to be growing. Students, friends and relatives are often pressed into service to create websites for local businesses, non-profits and similar organizations. The person who creates the website then loses interest in maintaining it – a less glamorous service than artistic creation. Other times, web developers move on to other endeavors, leaving their client base high and dry. This happens far more often that you might think. Some want to concentrate on creating new websites and would rather not deal with the day-to-day work of maintaining sites for others. What is a website owner to do when they have no one to call for simple updates to the site, for managing updates and backups and monitoring website performance? A simple...

Secure (https) sites to get better Google ranking

By on Nov 15, 2016

What is SSL? SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol for encrypting all communications between your computer or mobile device and a website. You can tell when you are connected to a secure site, such as, by looking for the little green padlock at the left side of the address bar in your browser. If you do any banking online, you can bet that your connection is secured by SSL. Now other websites are starting to add SSL to their arsenal of protective strategies. And Google is rewarding those sites with better ranking signals. Why is Google giving secure (https) sites better ranking? Here is the explanation from Google Webmaster Central Blog: “At Google I/O a few months ago, we called for “HTTPS everywhere” on the web. “We’ve also seen more and more webmasters adopting HTTPS (also known as HTTP over TLS, or Transport Layer Security), on their website, which is...

What Google’s “Mobile First” announcement means to you

By on Oct 18, 2016

Google announces “Mobile First” algorithm A few days ago, Google announced that it was implementing a “mobile first” ranking strategy. Now that the dust has settled and there have been numerous articles posted on what this means, we can now comment on what to means to you. Google has spoken Google’s release about the upcoming change stated that mobile searches now outnumbered desktop (including laptop) searches. In reviewing the Analytics from several websites that I manage, I found this to be true in most cases – some by a little, some by a lot and few where desktop still outperforms mobile. But the trend is clear. Mobile is overtaking desktop in searches as well as website pageviews. And Google’s new “mobile first” algorithms underscore that for every one of us that markets online. If you remember just a little while back, the...

HTML to CMS Conversion Tips

By on Aug 23, 2016

Some ideas on HTML to CMS conversion Businesses want to be able to update their websites without the delay and expense of having a web developer do it for them. Do the simple stuff yourself and leave the more complicated things to the web developers. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS), in use for 26.6% of websites and 59.4% of websites using a CMS. If your website is built using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CMS Made Simple or any of the many other CMSs, you can do your own updates right now. If your web developer didn’t give you administrative access to your website content, ask them to do so and they will. Speaking of CMSs WordPress and CMS Made Simple are the two easiest to use. Joomla and Drupal have a much steeper learning curve. So, unless you are a CMS wizard, I’d stick with one of the simpler ones. But what if your website was built in HTML?...

5 Keys Bonus – Podcast Your Way to Marketing Success

By on Jun 6, 2016

Your Customers Love Podcasts – Are You Providing What They Want? iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher. “OverCast App – There is no submission page – it pulls from the iTunes directory – but this is an important app to make sure your show is in a read more

5 Keys Bonus – Effective Video Marketing

By on May 30, 2016

Your Customers Love Video – Are You Providing What They Want?

Conclusion: 5 Keys to Online Marketing Success

By on May 23, 2016

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