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Have you been abandoned by your web developer?

Web Maintenance - Who Has Your Back?With the ease of creating websites using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, this problem seems to be growing.

Students, friends and relatives are often pressed into service to create websites for local businesses, non-profits and similar organizations. The person who creates the website then loses interest in maintaining it – a less glamorous service than artistic creation.

Other times, web developers move on to other endeavors, leaving their client base high and dry. This happens far more often that you might think.

Some want to concentrate on creating new websites and would rather not deal with the day-to-day work of maintaining sites for others.

What is a website owner to do when they have no one to call for simple updates to the site, for managing updates and backups and monitoring website performance?

A simple answer is to find another person to do the tasks that their web developer will no longer be doing.

For one-off type jobs, such as updating a few pages, you can find someone on a website designed for short term gigs, such as Fiverr.com or Upwork. I have used both of these services in the past with great results. I will use them again as the need arises.

But what about those tasks that are essential to the success of your website, or to its security or search engine ranking?

Critical task such as CMS updates, keeping themes and plugins updated, checking the site for broken links and reporting them back to the website owner, regular off-site backups of web files and cPanel files, clearing outdated files to free up disk space, maintaining security software, maintaining SEO software, providing training videos, and providing website restoration in case of a hacking attack.

This is where a professional website maintenance service is needed. And it is needed by everyone who owns a website and who, for whatever reason, can’t do it themselves.

How do you find such a service? I mentioned Upwork earlier and they can be a good source as long as you know how to write a clear work order. Expect to get a large number of applicants of varying levels of competence. Use Upwork’s rating system to choose from the best available.

If your website is built using WordPress, the Orange Cat Website Maintenance Service is available at a very reasonable cost. They offer a complete array of website maintenance services in three, easy to understand packages. Custom packages can also be arranged.

If you lose your site to a hacking incident, a scenario that is becoming all too common, you’ll wish you had the backup and website restoration services you need to get back online quickly.

Make sure that your website is well taken care of. By that I mean basic essentials, such as backups and software updates. From there, you decide what the best course of action is for your own peace of mind.

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