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Banned from YouTube

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Banned from YouTubeInternet Marketer Robert Plank has been banned from YouTube (YT). It was supposedly for a Terms of Service violation.

I know Robert and if he says is fully compliant with YouTube’s Terms of Service, I believe him. After all, YT’s Terms of Service are fairly simple and specifically ban copyright infringement, anything illegal, hate speech, etc., none of which Robert’s videos contain.

In his blog post from yesterday, “Banned from YouTube,” Robert explains how he thinks Traffic Geyser may have been involved in his problem. This same problem could occur with other aggregating services as well.

He also gives a few tips on how you can prevent this from happening to you.

This incident points up some interesting issues, not least of which is that those of us who use YT as a content supplier (often of our own content) can end up having dozens of posts and web pages with unviewable videos.

If your YT account is suspended, all the videos you embed that are hosted on YT cease to function. That might not be a disaster for a high school kid posting humorous videos, but it could be deadly for a business website.

How can you avoid that? Host your own videos in Flash (.flv) format yourself (or on Amazon S3 service) and publish them to your blog or website using a player. And hope that those whose videos you embed on your website don’t get banned.

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