Nile Flores: Creating A WordPress Website That Works From the Start

Video, WordCamp
Installing WordPress, plugins, and a theme is just a start, but in maintaining and growing your website, you’ve got to make plans. Sure, your initial idea of creating a WordPress site for whatever reason is great, but if you’re trying to get people to either subscribe to your newsletter, share your posts, fill out your lead forms, leave a comment on your posts, click an ad, or buy your stuff, you’ve got more to do. If you’re not getting some type of return on investment, which is to get people to do something on your website, then your website is broken. Come sit in and let me help you fix your problem by giving you ideas that you can use. This is for all content creators, as this is like…
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Kevin Hoffman: Demystifying Responsive Images in WordPress

Video, WordCamp, WordPress
Whether you are an advanced WordPress theme developer or simply editing content from the dashboard, there is one question that everyone asks at one point or another: What size should my images be? This already complex question takes on a whole new dynamic with the recent addition of responsive images in WordPress 4.4. While the basic concept of responsive images may be easy to grasp, a true understanding of the inner workings is far more elusive. In this talk, we will demystify responsive images and learn how to strike a proper balance between image performance and image quality within any context. Presentation Slides » Event WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016 Speakers Kevin Hoffman
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Thinking Thursdays

WordCamp, WordPress
If you work with WordPress on a regular basis, but have never attended a WordCamp, you owe it to yourself to find and experience one. A WordCamp is a gathering of WordPress users who come together to network and learn more about their Internet publishing tool of choice. To quote the WordCamp website: WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. ~ Presenters and organizers at WordCamp are volunteers who give of their time to educate and inform attendees. To help spread the word, and to help you learn more about what awaits you when you attend WordCamp, we…
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Humans.txt – A great idea dies quietly?

Web Design, Web Marketing
I'm not sure how I recently found my way to the Humans.txt website. But what I found there was a well thought out initiative to give credit to the human beings responsible for creating the content we enjoy every day on the web. Originating in Spain, presented in 10 languages, with much effort going into the web design and add-ons to make the initiative work more easily with WordPress and Drupal, the Humans.txt concept seems to have suffered from little adoption and active promotion came to a halt in July 2016 - at least according to their Twitter feed (@humanstxt) and Facebook page. But not before getting the attention of the folks at Google: "Google is built by a large team of engineers, designers, researchers, robots, and others in many…
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