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The New Normal –

By on Mar 2, 2011

We’re going to be doing a lot of deficit cutting over the next several years. The country’s future greatness will be shaped by whether we cut wisely or stupidly. So we should probably come up with a few sensible principles to guide us as we cut. via The New Normal –

Skype Opens a Conference Call Service –

By on Mar 2, 2011

On Tuesday, Skype said that it would introduce a conference calling service that will let multiple people talk, see each other through online video and share documents. Skype Opens a Conference Call Service –

Need to do update your own website?

By on Feb 26, 2011

You’ve just had your website reviewed and you just need to tweak a few posts or pages to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So, what do you do next? Well, you could just call or email your web developer and ask him or her to make the changes for you. Then next week, when you notice something else that needs updating, you can do it again. But there’s another way. Using professional-grade CMS Builder software, your current website can be retrofitted so you can easily update your own site. If you can login to a website and if you’re familiar with working in a word precessor, such as Microsoft Word, updating your site is within your grasp. Even if you never touch the website yourself, your web developer will make your changes in less time and with less chance of making unwanted changes to your template. That’s a important consideration these days when...

GPS in cameras and phones creates privacy issue | Video |

By on Feb 23, 2011

Taking a photo of your cat, or even a can of soda, can help others find out exactly where you live – a stalker’s delight. A video from WABC-TV in New York explains the issue and shows just how easy it is to get your exact location from a photo you’ve posted online GPS in cameras and phones creates privacy issue | Video |

WordPress › WordPress 3.1, lots of fun

By on Feb 23, 2011

WordPress Version 3.1 was released yesterday. This release features a lightning fast redesigned linking workflow which makes it easy to link to your existing posts and pages, an admin bar so you’re never more than a click away from your most-used dashboard pages, a streamlined writing interface that hides many of the seldom-used panels by default to create a simpler and less intimidating writing experience for new bloggers (visit Screen Options in the top right to get old panels back), and a refreshed blue admin scheme available for selection under your personal options. For more information, see the WordPress Blog post “WordPress 3.1, lots of fun”.

New Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wi-Fi Users –

By on Feb 21, 2011

New Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wi-Fi Users – If you use unsecured wireless networks or even secured wi-fi that is shared with others, like in your local coffe shop, you will want to have a look at this article by Kate Murphy in the New York Times. Using a simple and free piece of software called Firesheep, that person sitting next to you can see what you are doing online, then login to sites you’ve visited using your login and password.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin for WordPress | WordPress for Real Estate

By on Feb 20, 2011

Really nice Mortgage/Loan Calculator for your WordPress website. Excellent for Realtor®s, Investors, Manufactured Housing Retail Centers and Community Owners. See a working version at Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin for WordPress | WordPress for Real Estate.

Building SEO for long-term results

By on Feb 19, 2011

If you didn’t see it this past Monday, David Segal of the New York Times wrote an article entitled The Dirty Little Secrets of Search. It was a story about how companies use what are known as “Black Hat” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques* to try and trick Google into giving them a higher search ranking. “Black Hat” techniques are often very successful at attaining high rankings, but the rankings are often short-lived. In the article, Mr. Segal notes the case of J.C. Penney and their unusual placement at the very top of the rankings for hundreds of keywords through this past Christmas season. Penney’s was using a technique where contextual links** were placed from dozens of websites around the world to specific pages on the J.C. Penney website. Many of these were paid links places on sites that had little or nothing to do with the subject...

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