Wireless Tethering, a Newcomer’s Guide – NYTimes.com

The Newcomer’s Guide to Wireless TetheringBy JOHN BIGGSVerizon Wireless’s MiFi 2200, a wireless-tethering device that shares a 3G connection with up to five devices over Wi-Fi. What it is: Your smartphone has a high-speed, 3G data connection. Your laptop may only have Wi-Fi. Tethering turns your smartphone into a wireless router, sharing the phone’s 3G connection with other devices over Wi-Fi. No more wireless data cards for laptops, and devices like Wi-Fi-only iPads can get on the Internet via a phone.With the arrival of iOS 4.3 for iPhones and iPads, AT&T subscribers are now able to use their iPhones as wireless hot spots for up to five people, something that Verizon users have been able to do for a few weeks now. But what does tethering mean for the average…
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Dominate Your Local Market Workshop at Tunica MH Show

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We just got back from presenting the "Dominate Your Local Market" workshop at the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show in Tunica, MS where it once again was well-received by an enthusiastic audience. If you want more form your online marketing efforts, plan on attending the "Dominate Your Local Market" workshop when it comes to your area or sign up to be notified when it is presented online. Dominate Your Local Market | WordPress and Joomla! for Local Businesses.
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Dinner at Hollywood

"Muriel plays piano every Friday up in Hollywood. They brought me up to see her and she asked me if I would..." Marc Cohn, Walking in Memphis In Tunica, Mississippi for the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show at which I'll be presenting my "Dominate Your Local Market" presentation tomorrow afternoon. Today is setup day and we'll be setting up at booth 66 in the Grand Ballroom. It was nice to drive into Harrah's yesterday and see some 90 manufactured homes set up in the lot opposite the Convention Center. Also nice last night to grab some dinner at the Hollywood Cafe in Robinsonville, MS, the same "Hollywood" mentioned in the song. No Muriel last night, but a friendly waitress, a good cold Hoegarden and some good food.
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PayPal Processing More than $6 billion Per Day – In Mobile Transactions

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    According to PayPal Mobile Director of Product Management, Fabio Sisinni, "We are doing more than $6 million per day in mobile transactions and we’re on track to exceed $2 billion this year. "We will top $7.5 billion in 2013 based on the growth we’re seeing. A mobile wallet in the cloud is not so distant based on our numbers." via PayPal Processing More than $6 billion Per Day - In Mobile Transactions - Website Magazine - Website Magazine.
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