Are you missing the holiday promotions party?

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! St. Patrick's Day, like Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo, started out as a holiday for a specific group of people, in this case the Irish. As the holiday gained status in the culture of big cities like New York, Boston and Chicago, it it spread to smaller towns and cites and became a holiday for anyone who would declare themselves "Irish for a day." It is now one of the biggest "unofficial" holidays celebrated by people everywhere looking to usher winter out the door with a boisterous holiday. Are you taking advantage of the spirit of St. Patrick's Day in your promotional schedule? If not, why not? And you've missed out planning for this holiday, how about March Madness, April Fool's Day, Earth Day, Cinco…
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Tip of the Week: How To Get Your PC To Listen to You –

Tip of the Week: How To Get Your PC To Listen to You By J.D. BIERSDORFER If you find typing on a computer keyboard difficult or painful, the built-in speech recognition functions of Windows 7 or Mac OS X may make things easier by allowing you to speak simple commands to control and navigate the system by voice. You do need a working microphone (included with most machines these days) and a bit of patience to learn and say the specific commands the computer expects to hear. To get started with speech recognition in Windows 7, visit Microsoft’s page. Apple has a similar page on getting started with its “Speakable Items” feature in Mac OS X 10.6. via Tip of the Week: How To Get Your PC To Listen to…
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Upgrade, then pray?

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Ya gotta love this. Some users (including me) had a problem with an upgrade to this plugin removing some vital information that rendered the plugin useless and presented a blank area on the page where Facebook comments should have been. I installed the new update and had to retrieve my info from Facebook again, but it seems to be working fine now (see and comment below). I just love the fact that the plugin author was so honest here:
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How to Share and Save Office Documents Online –

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How to Share and Save Office Documents Online By PAUL BOUTIN If you spend a lot of time working on Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to group-edit a file by e-mailing attachments around. And if you save your files on one computer, you may find yourself away from it — and unable to get to an important document. It’s easy to set up online saving and sharing. If you’ve got Office 2010 on a PC or Office 2011 for Mac, both have built-in options to save files to Microsoft’s Skydrive service, and to share them there with others. via How to Share and Save Office Documents Online -
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