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Tweeting when you should be blogging?

By on Apr 11, 2013

Here are 19 reasons you may want to reconsider: 19 Reasons You Should Blog And Not Just Tweet on TheFutureBuzz. I can think of several more, but these are plenty to get you started. Twitter is popular because it is easy. It is easy to setup, easy to copy-paste links into, and easy to write 140 character bits. But, having your own blog remains the strongest platform if you’re serious about sharing ideas and having a continued dialog with the world. Blogging is the antithesis of easy, however it is far more rewarding. Smart digital marketing professionals understand this. ~ Adam Singer

Orange Cat Productions Celebrates 17th Anniversary

By on Apr 8, 2013

This week, Orange Cat Productions celebrates its 17th Anniversary. It’s been a fun journey beginning in the early days of the Web. Along the way, we’ve served Fortune 500 clients and Mom ‘n Pop businesses alike. We’ve helped all sorts of businesses increase their online visibility. As we celebrate our 17th Anniverary, we have a gift for you. We’ll be offering 17% off all website design work booked by April 30, 2013. So for any of you you need a new website or an update to the one you have now, here’s your chance to save a sizable chunk of money that you can use for something else in your business. A 17% off offer also applies to Email Marketing, SEO packages, Mobile website add-ons, social marketing and video marketing packages purchased before April 30, 2013. Contact Us now to take advantage of this limited time offer. 17% off does not apply to any...

Goals, Dreams or just Wishing?

By on Apr 2, 2013

Have you ever had to let go of a dream? If so, was it due to someone else’s feedback or did you just outgrow or lose interest in it? Or, does it still linger deep in your consciousness or soul waiting for you to finally take some positive action? Are you working towards some goals that you just are not making progress towards as quickly as you had planned or hoped? Got some special wishes buried deep in your heart that you would love to experience but just are not sure if they are possible? Don’t ever give up. We create what we secretly desire only when we take consistent, positive and right actions. But, there is a common denominator in the above three areas and that is – If you want something you can have it or achieve it as long as you believe strongly in your mind and heart and never let go of the passion and desire to accomplish it. Yes, contrary to conventional...

Store Your WordPress Backups In A Safe Location

By on Mar 11, 2013

Make sure you can get to your WordPress backup easily It doesn’t make sense to backup your WordPress blog only to store that backup file on the same website. Because if you lose that website you’re also going to lose that backup file. When it comes to backups it does pay to be paranoid, it does pay to assume that anything that can go wrong will. That way if everything does go wrong you can still get your website back. This is why as soon as you make a backup you should save it to your hard drive. But you should also save it to a remote location such as FTP, Dropbox or Amazon S3 and maybe even store it off to a DVD disc if the backup is small enough. Just keeping your backup file on your website doesn’t make sense. As soon as you make a backup save it to your local hard drive immediately. Just in case the file gets deleted or you lose your entire website, you at least...

5 Keys to Online Marketing Success

By on Mar 7, 2013

Can any small local business stand toe-to-toe with the big boys when it comes to online marketing success in their business? Yes, they can – IF they know how! Today, I am happy to announce the release of my latest e-book report “5 Keys to Online Marketing Success.” If you’ve ever had any doubt that you can successfully promote your business online, this report will show you the way. This report was written for the benefit of owners of small, local businesses who don’t have the time or technical knowledge to research these marketing strategies for themselves. For instance, many local businesses these days have figured that they just need a presence on Facebook, via a profile or a page (there is a difference). But what they may not realize is that Facebook owns your friends and followers of your profile and page. Same for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and...

The Seasons of Life

By on Feb 26, 2013

I’m sure you are well aware that spring always follows winter and fall always precedes it. Duh. Not trying to insult you here just to make a simple point that has been true for thousands of years. Seasons come and go at their own pace and there is nothing we can do to slow them down or speed them up or influence their behaviors – they have their own agenda and schedule. Having said this, you would be amazed at how many people try to rush the seasons of their lives and yes, each life has its four seasons and they come and go often with little regard for our plans, hopes, fears, dreams and desire to control them. Before I continue let me clarify the quote at the end of this article. Yes, time passes at its own pace and offers its unique lessons to each of us but, this doesn’t mean we should just sit idly by waiting for things to change or improve on their own as time...

If not now… when?

By on Feb 19, 2013

Do you know the biggest cause of procrastination? It’s fear – fear of the unknown, what might happen in the future or some day or never, but nonetheless, millions of people put off what they can and should do today hoping that the task will get done or the situation they fear will just “disappear” on its own or some opportunity will still be there in the future when you are ready. Sorry folks – ain’t going to happen. Those of you old enough to remember the old TV show Cochise might recall a line that has stuck with me for years. Goes something like this; Cochise’s braves were surrounded by the cavalry and were outnumbered 10 to 1. One of the braves came to the chief and said, “What are we going to do? We are all going to die. We are surrounded.” His response, “We are going to attack.” “Attack, the brave screamed, we...

The Last WordPress “Template” You’ll Need

By on Jan 12, 2013

We’ve spent 4 years testing and perfecting the only sales letter template that you will need… Be ready to: Fire your webmaster and copywriter (we’re going to show you everything you need to ‘fill in the blank’ your way to real conversions. Cancel your theme subscriptions (do they ever really do what you want them to do anyway?) Discover why Google, eBay, Apple, CraigsList and every other website uses a simple and clean design (hint: goofy graphics don’t sell or convert) and everyone knows it Be blown away when you see the offer and price for those that are able to make it to the live training today… OK, let’s have a look…

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