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Charlie Brown Christmas

By on Dec 14, 2006

One day shortly before Christmas in 1965, “Peanuts” producer Lee Mendelson approached Charles M. Schulz with a bit of good news. “I think I just sold ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ to CBS,” he declared. “What’s that?” Schulz asked. “It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas show,” Mendelson replied, “which you’ll have to write in the next four days!”

If you read nothing else today…

By on Dec 12, 2006

Staggering numbers – and advice to the bewildered Not all that long ago, there was no web industry to speak of. Companies that were selling things online were considered a novelty and many business and marketing ‘experts’ considered the Internet a fad. Well, the latest numbers are in – and they’re staggering…

What's In An IP Number?

By on Dec 9, 2006

You’ve seen those IP numbers that everything on the web depends on for reliable delivery of information. They look something like What is so important about those numbers? If you are on a shared web hosting server with other users and one of those users does something to get black-listed by a spam filter organization, such as Spamhaus, you get blocked right along with the spammer and your emails to your customers dissappear into the void. For this reason and many others, it is important that any web server you rely on for business purposes has it’s own dedicated IP number. I started out on the Internet in 1996 and back then we jammed as many websites as we could onto a single web server with a single IP number. It was a matter of economics. But the cost of a web server has come down dramatically over the years. Now a first-rate shared server with a dedicated...

A big thanks to Alex Mandossian and Rick Raddatz

By on Dec 4, 2006

Virtual Seminar Week (VSW) was absolutely fabulous! Luckily for me, I had the Gold Pass so I am able to listen to all of the information on CD as I drive down the road. I love listening to information CDs when I drive. It’s that “being in right brain mode” thing. Really brings it home. So far, I have listened to several of the VSW sessions and have learned an enormous amount. The speakers were particularly generous with information and particularly easy on the sales pitch. All-in-all, a GREAT value. I just want to comment on what a great job Christina Hills, the Shopping Cart Queen did moderating the Web PR + Social Media = Targeted Traffic 2.0 session with Marc Harty and David McInnis. David had to return to a speaking engagement after his part of the presentation, then Marc’s power went out and knocked him of of the call for several minutes. When he got back...

Got the 10 image blues?

By on Dec 3, 2006

This album is powered by BubbleShare – Add to my blog One problem I always have with my Real Estate listings software is that the number of images you can use is always limited to 10 or 12 and sometimes I need more images than that to tell the property’s story. Stories are what sell items and Real Estate is no exception. The better the story, the better the chance of selling the property. I’ve often overcome that shortcoming by creating my own Photo Galleries. But that is not the easiest thing to do unless you possess the necessary HTML coding skills. And even if you do, it can be a bit time-consuming. But now there’s a service that can do the heavy lifting for you and spit out the HTML code for you. I just placed a property of mine in a slide show and the whole process took less than five minutes. You can see the large size slide show on the...

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