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WordPress went WordPress today. Why? Because WordPress is simply the best way to get quick and sure ranking with Google and other search engines - IF your WordPress software is set up correctly. Even if it's not, it is still head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So we re-launched using WordPress. And we can enhance the SEO capabilities of WordPress to work even better. That's why we changed to Wordpress, which we've been using successfully on our many other websites, including this one,, my personal blog,, and several client sites, among them, and the blog. There are many more as well and… every time we build another one, we are pleasantly surprised by the…
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Short URLs keep your links working

Local Marketing, News, SEO
Ever sent a long URL in an email only to have it break in many of your recipients email program? Email clients sometimes break the lines in a long URL causing them to become unclickable. BudURL offers shortened URLs that will not break under most circumstances. An added advantage of using BudURLs is link click tracking. Here is how the service is described on the BudURL website: "BudURL was designed from the start to give small businesses and marketers insight into previously invisible click traffic. Not everyone has access to Google Analytics and most of those that have it don't know how to use it. BudURL makes link tracking amazingly simple. Shorten the link, put it somewhere, and watch the clicks roll in. It's that easy! "BudURL is easy to…
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How fast does Google index your WordPress posts?

SEO, WordPress
We've all heard that posting to a WordPress blog can get your new content indexed quickly. But just HOW quickly? Last Friday, I posted to my WordPress blog at with an Easter holiday related video. happens to hold the #1 position for this set of keywords, but that is irrelevant to indexing. As you can see, within 6 hours, the new post was indexed in Google under my #1 position result. If you've waited days or weeks for new content to be indexed on your static website, that's great news. But even better news is I've had posts appear much quicker than that - a few in under an hour. That's why I have been so enthused with WordPress blogging since I first tried it several years ago.…
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Ford Work Solutions puts a computer in your truck

Filling out forms by hand on a clipboard. Having to interrupt the job to drive back to the office for something like a missing work order. Such time-consuming tasks are a thing of the past with the complete range of mobile office features that Ford Work Solutions™ provides. Full mobile office functionality A 4-gigabyte computer, developed by Magneti Marelli and powered by Microsoft® Auto, makes your Ford pickup or van a full-functioning mobile office. Open a word processing or spreadsheet document, generate invoices, or perform a variety of other business tasks – all on a bright, high-resolution 6.5” in-dash screen with wireless keyboard. Load and back up files with the built-in USB port or SD memory card slot. Make prints on an available Ford-certified, Bluetooth®-enabled wireless inkjet printer. And that’s…
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