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Proving my point

If you are one of my clients, and I’ve built you a business website, you’ve probably been advised by me to use blogging as a marketing tool.

The other day, I ran across this infographic that points out the advantages of blogging for business. It gives that actual numbers that blogging can mean to your business.

You have to admit, those are some pretty impressive numbers. I had never seen these stats in a group before this infographic came to my attention. But it has given me renewed confidence that my advice was on the money all along.

Web Hosting

One thing not covered in the infographic is that every blog entry that you post is another chance to get a page indexed (and hopefully ranked) by Google. That is one more chance that your website will be visited by a potential customer.

Plus, once that post is indexed, it stays indexed. It could still be working for you years from now. I’ve always been a fan of “do it once, then let it work forever.” Try it and you will be, too.

Look at those numbers again and then ask yourself if you get the same return from social media. This is not meant to knock social media as I think it is a very important part of your online marketing strategy. I just want you to get the highest return on your time that is possible. We’ll cover social media in other blog posts.

If you have a business website, add a blog and watch your business grow. For best results, learn the ins and outs of blogging. We’ll be posting more information on blogging in the near future. Sign up for our mailing list (in the footer) and we’ll keep you updated.

I don’t know the origins of this infographic, but based on experience I believe it to be accurate.

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