Kentucky BBQ Festival launches new website

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The Kentucky BBQ Festival, in coordination with Orange Cat Productions of Danville, KY has launched a new website for it's 1st Annual Festival in Danville on November 4th and 5th, 2011. The site at is built on WordPress 3.2.1 (updates are done as fast as they are available), using a customized TwentyEleven child theme. We are also using the Akismet, All-in-One SEO, Google XML Sitemap, Login Lockdown, Facebook "Like" Button, Feedburner, Twitter AutoPost and a few other essential plugins. The WP Touch plugin is used to provide a mobile interface. READ MORE »
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Blekko local search seems to be lacking

I always like to test new things, especially if they look interesting and may prove to have an impact of my clients. There's a new search engine in town. It's not the first challenger to Google's supremacy, but it may be one of the more interesting ones. According to their About Us page, "Blekko is a better way to search the web by using slashtags. slashtags search only the sites you want and cut out the spam sites. use friends, experts, community or your own slashtags to slash in what you want and slash out what you don't." Blekko has some interesting features. Theoretically, using what they call "slashtags" you should be able to narrow your search to results that are only of interest to you. Each result has a…
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Do your blog posts need a little more sizzle?

There's nothing like a good illustration or photo to liven up a blog post. And if you sometimes use an iPhone to take photos for your blog, you're going the like the new app I found yesterday morning. It's call Pano and will set you back $2.99. What it does is let you take a series of photos and stitches them together to form a panoramic image. Five minutes after installing the app, I took the photo below - actually a series of four photos taken from left to right. My initial success emboldened me and I went into the field in search of more things to photograph. We have a sprawling Manufactured Housing Community in town and I thought it would make a good subject. My first try demonstrated…
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Social Networking ripples cause much bigger effects

Social Networking
This past Sunday was my wife's birthday. We decided to go for dinner at Sutton's Italian Restaurant in Lexington, KY. Sutton's is a client of mine (we did their website) and this was their new location. I really like to keep up with what my client's are doing as having knowledge of their operations helps me do a better job of marketing for them. We ordered some wine, recommended by owner Gordon Lewis, a locally produced Merlot from Jean Farris Wineries. Notice how the locally-sourced product was the one recommended. It was a very good wine, the best Merlot I have ever had - and normally I'm NOT a big Merlot fan. So far, so good. It's the next succession of events that I wanted to point out. We ordered…
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Local Marketing, WordPress
The new Wordpress-powered website at has been launched. Located at 130 S. Fourth St. in Danville, Kentucky, V-theMarket has a wonderful collection of Bourbons, Wines, Craft Beers, Cheeses and Chocolates. The website was built by Orange Cat Productions LLC on the WordPress Blogging Platform to allow the client to easily update the information on the website. The wine list changes frequently and the ability to keep it update was a prime consideration in designing this site. We've added this website to our Recent Projects section as it is a great example of the use of WordPress to power local business's online marketing strategy. Use this link to visit the website.
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