Orange Cat announces new Online Learning Center

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Orange Cat Productions LLC today inaugurates a new online Learning Center to help businesses in local markets get the most from their online marketing. There will be instructional videos, teleseminars and webinars to get you started and keep you going. If you outsource your online marketing efforts (websites, seo, social networking, email marketing, etc.), you'll have the knowledge you need to know your are getting the best service and value. READ MORE »
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Cisco Shuts Down Flip, Its Video Camera Unit

For Flip Video Camera, Four Years From Hot Start-Up to Obsolete By SAM GROBART and EVELYN M. RUSLI Published: April 12, 2011 - Introduced in 2007, two million Flip cameras were sold in the first two years. It was one of the great tech start-up success stories of the last decade. Cisco announced on Tuesday that it would close its Flip business. The Flip video camera, conceived by a few entrepreneurs in an office above Gump’s department store in San Francisco, went on sale in 2007, and quickly dominated the camcorder market. The start-up sold two million of the pocket-size, easy-to-use cameras in the first two years. Then, in 2009, the founders cashed out and sold to Cisco Systems, the computer networking giant, for $590 million. Read more >>…
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