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New look for Kentucky Web Experts website

By on Dec 29, 2011

All website themes (templates) have a shelf life. If you’ve grown tired of the look and feel of your website, maybe it’s time for a change. Even if you’re satisfied with your website’s theme, your visitors may have grown tired of it. All websites should be refreshed every once in a while to prevent “design fatigue” from setting in and chasing your customers and prospects away. There are a couple of ways you can see if your website suffers from “design fatigue.” You could have a Website Review performed on your website. A Website Review would be money well-spent. Or you can ask some folks you trust will tell you the truth about your site’s appearance. Friends will tend to tell you want they think you want to hear and probably aren’t experts on this sort of thing, so seek those with less emotional involvement with you if you...

Have you ever considered having an App for your business?

By on Dec 16, 2011

What is it about iPhone Apps (and Android Apps) that so captures the attention of your customers and prospects? Why does a push notification on a smart phone have an “open rate” of 97% versus an email open rate of 4%? It all has to do with the way in which information is delivered in the two mediums. I’m not here to knock email notification of sales, special events, etc. because that is still a vitally important part of any business’s marketing plan. But more and more people are using smart phones – and they are using them to find and patronize businesses in their local market. In fact, the world is moving more and more to a mobile marketplace. Having an App that your customers can use can give you the inside track to more business. What do you do when a push notification comes into your smart phone? The phone beeps and you read it immediately. And as we...

Get more “Likes” for your Facebook Fan Page

By on Dec 14, 2011

Websites need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to succeed. Facebook Fan Pages need fans who become fans by “Liking” your Facebook Page if they are to succeed. And once a customer likes your Facebook Page, they are kept informed of updates as you make them. When they then “like” a post to your Fan Page, it appears on their and their friend’s wall. That’s called social marketing. So how do you go about getting more people to “Like” your Fan Page? One great way is to offer something special for those that do. This is a strategy used by the top companies in the world. If it’s good enough for Coke, Pepsi, Amazon, etc., it’s good enough for us. But what do you offer? How about a coupon for something of value? A free appetizer with dinner, free oil changes with a car, even a free TV with a home purchase. These type offers incentivize...

Are you a 5 percenter?

By on Dec 13, 2011

You hear the Occupy Wall Street crowd talk about 1 percenters and 99 percenters. That’s all well and good, but there’s a number that is far more important to you and me. That number is 5% – as in the 5% of the people that will actually take an action to improve their position in life. Let’s face it. That 5% number holds up throughout life, education, business, career, etc. And that 5% will always have more of everything simply because they are more willing to put in the effort to get it. Yes, luck plays a major role in our life’s journey, but luck seems to shine more on those who are making the effort. So the real question here is – which group do you belong to? The 5% or the 95%? I have a little test for you to see which group you belong to. And it is important to make the decision because as we move into 2012, I am going to make an even more...

Do or don’t do; there is no try

By on Dec 12, 2011

With those word’s the Star Wars character Yoda put to rest Luke Skywalker’s doubts in his ability to master the skills required to reach his goals. In the world of marketing your product or service, there is similarly no try – you either do what it takes – or you don’t. Three things you absolutely MUST have in 2012 if you are to thrive and prosper in the new economic reality: Have an up-to-date website. Your business puts meals on your table, a roof over your head and provides all the things you and your family need to thrive in life. Neglecting one of the most essential marketing tools your business has would be a shameful misuse of resources. If your website is over 2 years old, you need to consider an update. We’ll be talking a lot about that in 2012, but you’ll have to be a subscriber to our new newsletter to get the very best information....

It’s time to answer an important question

By on Dec 8, 2011

As 2011 draws to a close and we begin a new year, it is time to answer a very important question. Is what you are doing now bringing you the life you want? Do you have enough money to pay your bills, do the things you want to do and save something for your future? Do you have enough time to spend with your family and friends? Do you feel fulfilled spiritually and physically? If the answers to these questions is ‘no’ (or a wishy-washy ‘yes’), it may be time to re-assess what it is you are doing and why. You have the right to the kind of life you want. More money? More time? More fulfillment? They can all be your’s but you need to make the decision to change what you are doing if it can’t provide them in sufficient abundance. We are in the process of making some changes here at and my company, Orange Cat Productions. These changes will...

Why the QR code is failing –

By on Dec 6, 2011

They have become the standard violator appearing on advertising; in the corner of print ads, across billboards, on buses, or in pieces of direct mail — even peppered throughout this article. You’ve seen them; that little block of even littler squares. Unfortunately the technology behind QR codes was not invented for advertising and marketing; we are just co-opting its usage, and it shows. via Why the QR code is failing –

A huge letdown from what used to be a good company

By on Nov 29, 2011

For the past 36 hours, I and several clients have experienced extreme slowness and several complete outages to our web service, unresponsive FTP service and long interruptions to email service. The explanation I have received is that some (arrogant) genius decided that one of the busiest days on the Internet was a good day to upgrade systems. It ended in disaster and now most of mine and my clients sites that are served from the Virginia Data Center are now offline. Response from Tech Support has been non-existant. It is impossible to get through if only for an update or information. No one from viaVerio has used our alternate email addresses to notify us of the outages and to keep us updated on a resolution. The only explanation I can come up with for this is that they just don’t care. This is a company that I have done business with for 16 years, but it looks like what was once...

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